Our Story

Cogni.Dx is a passion, a life-long commitment, a social mission, a purpose, and the brainchild of its founding duo: Dr. Bushra Siddiqi and Dr. Najeeb Qadi.
Dementia has been a crucial part of Bushra’s life, from her aunt suffering and passing away from Dementia, to now her mother being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She has seen first-hand the anguish of loved ones.

For Najeeb it is his 20 year old medical profession and commitment to diagnosing and treating patients with dementia.

Just like them, the one common bond that has brought together every member of this team, is our experience and dedication to changing lives for people with dementia.

The concept of Cogni.Dx was brewing since 2011, when Bushra was given the opportunity of making the first National Alzheimer’s Web-based Registry of Saudi Arabia. During her career, she also made health applications for other neurological conditions.
Najeeb on the other hand, was progressing to be one of the leading cognitive and behavioural neurologists in the Middle East. They were both very interested in neurological decline and how an early diagnosis could be made available to the general masses in a cost-effective way.
However, both of them did not have the courage to step into the world of entrepreneurship, owing to a lack of experience and skills in the field.

In 2019, they were given a chance to participate in Zinc VC’s Mission 3, a prestigious UK Start-Up Accelerator programme to add five quality years to later life. They pitched the idea of an electronic tool that accelerates early stage dementia diagnosis using simple, cost-effective, highly reliable techniques, and were chosen from 46 participants as one of the top 12 start-ups with the biggest potential.

And that is how Cogni.Dx was born.

Our Vision

● To be the indispensable, neuro-intelligent, early-stage diagnostic and long-term care solution trusted by all GPs, specialists, patients, and their families.

● To have a low-cost, highly predictive approach that democratises access to fast dementia diagnosis


● Most of the existing tools rely on enhancing diagnosis through novel, expensive investigations that have limited availability and access. Cogni.Dx relies on simple, highly dependable techniques to offer even the exact subtype of dementia in a fast-tracked, seamless way.

● Cogni.Dx’s approach relies on the proven fact and aphorism that a careful history will lead to the diagnosis 80% of the time. Medical history is a powerful diagnostic technology.

● Cogni.Dx collects comprehensive patient history and cognitive assessment data through an electronic questionnaire and e-cognitive test battery, administered from home. The questions have been categorised into 4 categories: Demographic, Medical, Cognitive and Behavioural. Based on the sophisticated algorithm coded in the tool, data will be instantly analysed to give the most appropriate diagnosis related to the complaint.

● Furthermore, a cognitive assessment battery that includes questions related to orientation, misplaced objects learning/recall, Trails B (to examine executive function), language items for naming and verbal commands are also incorporated in the tool to further identify the cognitive decline.

Meet the Team

Bushra Siddiqi, PhD, CEO

Health Informatician & Clinical Data Analyst

Najeeb Qadi, MD, CMO

Cognitive & Behavioural Neurologist

Claudia Jacova, PhD

Clinical Advisor, Professor of Clinical Psychology

Tim Jones, MBA

Business Advisor

Danya Khayyam, BSc

Software Engineer, Technical Developer

Raj Patel, MICB, PM.Dip

Financial Advisor

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